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mIndblOwiNg mUnNaR!

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>I lOved thiS plaCe and yoU wiLl too!

MunNar is oNe oF the Best pLaces I have been To In my life.Every Other turn yOu arE awestrucK wiTh tHe beauTy Of the vIrgin nAturE Still MostlY untoUcheD anD unseeN!And eVerY OthEr tuRn yoU wiLL appreciAte the FacT "0H GOD!YOU ARE THE BEST PAINTER AND THE BEST ARTIST I HAVE SEEN"!

It was in August 2007 , me and ma family decided its time for a touR .after the discussions we settled in on Munnar.We arranged a bus and the fun began to unroll on the wheels.The roads were not really good.The potholes and exhaustiVe lengths of undermined roads put our backs to tesT and the journey took more time .The driver had a very rough time behind the wheel ,I suppose negotiating between the worse,worser and worst parts of the roaD.

After reaching ERNAMKULAM(Cochin/Kochi)which is the nearest town from Munnar ,eXcept for the few stretches of really bad patches and potholes the upHill journEy was a pleasant driVe.We reached Ernamkulam in the mornIng ...took rooms iN a hotel, took oUr time to stretch a bit on the beds,Freshened up ,had breakfast and checKed out by 10 am.The tea was excepTionally good ,the taste Lingers even nOw, when I type thIs teasing my taste bUds on the TonGue tipThe powder was from estates inMunnar,we were told.And that marked the First and lonG lasting imPression of MindBlowiNg MunNar!.

Back on the whEels and with No breakdowns and no refuelling stops in between it took uS 2hrs frOm Ernamkulam to Reach Munnar.

viRgiN fallS !
this picture was tAken through the cars wiNdow anD marks the first photograph iN miNdbLOwin mUnaR!

Last year the tourist industry in Kerala and MunNar hit A goldmine owiNg tO the 'ETERNAL FLOWeR NEELAKURINJI', bloom which happeNs onCe in tweLve years !!A  touching moment on this trip to 'miNdbLOwing mUnNar' was wHen I heard an english lady asking her husband ,

"Do you think wE wiLl sEe this agaIn?"

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